6 Innovation Teams, 10 Innovation Judges, 3 awe-inspiring presentations, and over 800 viewers made it a successful 1st Ingenuity Cup!

40 days ago innovation teams started with just an idea and on June 22, 2021, they presented their final groundbreaking innovations to a panel of 10 Innovation Judges and 800 viewers both on Zoom and Facebook Live. Their journey began on April 21st, World Innovations Day, a day dedicated to ingenuity and creativity. The following week, to ensure all teams had an equal chance to win, they joined a BlueCallom Deep Innovation Design Training where they learned the latest know-how in innovation techniques, mechanism tools, success stories, and how to use the BlueCallom DEEP software. The next 7 weeks consisted of weekly training sessions to expand on the knowledge that they learned in the one-week intensive training program and develop their innovations. From the beginning, they involved their prospects and customers to gain an initial needs and dreams analysis of the market. Next, they spent two weeks focusing on Neuro Ideation and experienced their first Callum Burst session. The teams started to craft their innovations without limitations and in the next week, they compiled their ideation inputs to create a solution that they would build and execute. For the next 3 weeks, teams focused on innovation financing, a go-to-market strategy and finally developing their innovation to market plan. In just 40 days, six teams took an idea and crafted a complete market plan that is sure to disrupt the target industry segments.

Groundbreaking Innovations

From scarecrow drones to mental health apps, six teams had the opportunity to pitch their groundbreaking innovation to a panel of innovation judges and the public including our network of investors.

HomeBottie powered by Athena Racing

The first team, consisting of the youngest competitors, introduced the HomeBottie a personal robot that you build, program, and customize to your liking. The robot is fully customizable to fit the needs of the customer and is meant to be a “technology toy” that teaches.


Next to the stage, was Samuel Chan to introduce Farmily, the first-ever successful family solution that connects the family virtually and ultimately strengthens their bond in reality. Their goal with this app is to build a better world by bridging the underlying communication gap within families. By playing together on the app they not only gain a common communication platform but can earn real-life experiences that they can do together.

AlleVo Minds

To address the post-pandemic workplace environment, the next team lead by Christopher Lo, introduced their new Safety, Security, and Mental Wellbeing tracking AlleVo Minds. They want to help enterprises sustain their competitive advantage by providing psychologically and physically safe workplaces for Happy, Healthy, and Resilient workforces in an endemic world. Using a psychometrics-driven, user-centered mobile solution AlleVo Minds will pre-empt the root causes of workplace burnout in enterprise workers.

aiScarecrow Technologies

Our next team, represented by Isaac Boakye, introduced aiScarecrow Technologies, an Agritech startup with a focus of combating pests on cereal farms through eco and environmentally friendly biological intelligence and the internet of things. They introduced the Ro-Man system, a humanoid quadcopter with a 3D print of a human head woven on it that has pre-recorded sounds of humans; all in the attempt and effort to effectively scare birds of the fields. This product will work alongside their stationary sound device that will use on distress and predatory bird sounds while their Ro-Man will have the human element.

Semana C+I

Children are born creative and the next team Semana C+I wants to make sure that their creativity and innovation do not diminish as children age. Due to the environment and lack of training, children are not encouraged to be creative or innovative. Semana C+I want to change that by introducing an intelligent platform that provides a unique learning ecosystem where children can interact and learn from creative and innovative people around the world in order to keep up creativity skills during their entire life.


The last team to present hopes to build a future of self-trust in a world full of scattered information. Elena Cai introduced the audience to Kees, the first-ever problem system for individuals to solve problems for themselves, by themselves, without the help of anything else.

The six final teams to present showed their commitment and dedication to crafting groundbreaking innovations. Of course, it wasn’t without roadblocks, shifts, and in some cases, a completely new idea but they showed everyone that it is possible. With just 40 days to go from ideation to creating a go-to-market plan, do you think they created disruptive innovations?

Space Perspective – Journey to the Edge of Space

Do you want to journey to the Edge of Space, travel amongst the stars, and gaze upon Earth from space? Well, now you can without taking a rocket or going through the extensive training of becoming an astronaut. Our last speaker, Jane Poynter (Founder, Co-CEO & CXO of Space Perspective) is reimaging space travel with her new company Space Perspective. Jane took us on the 6-hour journey that the capsule will take from lift off at Kennedy Space Center,  just before sunrise, to reaching earth’s atmosphere at sunrise and seeing the life-transforming view of Earth in space and finally the slow and smooth descent to Earth. This awe-inspiring presentation allowed our audience to really imagine the possibility that they too could go into space just like trained professionals.

For those competing in the Ingenuity Cup (and any future Ingenuity Cups between now and 2025) this possibility could be a reality. BlueCallom made the announcement that they have reserved a capsule in 2025 for the winners of the BlueCallom Space Award Competition. A competition for the winning Ingenuity Cup competitors from 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, and 2025.

Would you not be inspired to do something amazing if you were to see the mesmerizing surface of Earth? 

Learn more about Space Perspective by visiting: https://www.spaceperspective.com/


No matter how the final results played out, each team was a winner in our eyes for the success that they achieved over the last 40 days. They all came into the competition with an idea and wanted to take it to the next level by creating something groundbreaking. The final scores comprised 49.5% Public Vote, 49.5% jury of Innovation experts, and 1% Innovation Teams (those competing in the competition). The jury of innovation judges were spilt on some of the team’s presentations but the final scores really came down to the 800 voters who voted on either Zoom or Facebook Live. As we told the teams, the stronger their online presence the more likely they will be successful (Groundbreaking Innovation = Ideation * Execution2)

Congratulations to the top 3 teams:

  • 1st Place – aiScarecrow Technologies
  • 2nd Place – Farmily
  • 3rd Place – AlleVo Minds

The top teams will each receive an Ingenuity Cup trophy and the top team will receive a cash prize of $20,000 and the opportunity to compete in the 2025 Space Competition and the chance to earn a spot in 2025 reserved BlueCallom capsule with Space Perspective (value of $125,000 USD).

All teams plan to seek out funding and resources to continue developing their ideas and business plans. Interested in funding or providing mentorship to any of the teams? Get in touch with us and we will pass your information on to the team.

Watch the Event

Missed the Live Event? Watch the pitch presentations and the speakers here: https://www.facebook.com/Neuroideation/videos/

Dare to Compete

Interested in competing, sponsoring, or volunteering for next year’s competition? Send us an email by filling in our contact form and you will be the first to get updates on the 2022 Ingenuity Cup. Compete in one of the next four years of the Ingenuity Cup and you would win that trip into space in 2025.

On behalf of the Ingenuity Committee, we would like to thank our speakers and panel of innovation judges for their time and contributions. Also, we want to say a huge congratulations to all of the innovation teams who competed in this year’s competition. The competition requires commitment and ingenuity to create groundbreaking innovations. We look forward to seeing everyone at next year’s competition which will align with World Innovations Forum Global Conference. Mark your Calendars and see you June 22, 2022!