Meet the Contestants

The Ingenuity Cup is open to anyone looking to create groundbreaking innovations in 40 days. The only requirement is you cannot be an individual. In history, there is never a case where a solo entrepreneur was successful. Whether a team has an idea or not, it does not matter. “Innovation Opportunity Discovery” is part of the program and will help teams find such opportunities. Follow the competitors as they go through the innovation process; starting with an ideation marathon, then onto an “Innovation Summit” and finally building innovation to market plan.

Contestants | 2021

Athena Racing Loxley Browne United States
DoDo Yuanhui Cai Unites States
K.onnect Irene So Hong Kong
Ired Bright Kwao Ghana
aiScareCrow Technologies Isaac Boakye Ghana
Onehorned Coffee Saurav Karki Nepal
SemanaCI Felix Duran Columbia
The Misfits Christopher LO Singapore
ZEOLF Irakarama Jean Sauveur Rwanda
Valex Folifix Catur Kurniawan Indonesia
Encore ID Fachrul Muhamad Ariestyan Indonesia

Interested in applying for next year’s competition? Registration will be open following the completion of the 2021 Competition.