Meet the 2021 Innovation Teams

Discover Groundbreaking Innovations after 40 Days

Next week on June 22nd the innovation teams will present their final pitch presentations to a panel of judges and the public at the 2021 Ingenuity Cup Award Ceremony. Over the last 40 days, teams have taken their ideas, from ideation to an innovation summit and finally to creating an innovation market plan.

Teams went on a journey that they never thought possible but it wasn’t without roadblocks and diversions. Some teams developed more on their current ideas while others shifted gears completely in the competition. Following their discussions with prospects and customers, they spent two weeks compiling all their ideation inputs to crafting a solution that they would want to build and execute. Ideas went beyond what is possible with current-day technology but this is where groundbreaking innovations are discovered. It is only a matter of time for technology and consumer acceptance to catch up. Only after considering how to get their idea funded and building their first prototype did they realize that they could take their innovation to market. The Innovation Teams have crafted their pitch presentations and are ready to show the world that groundbreaking innovation is possible in just 40 days.

Let’s get to know the six teams competing for the Ingenuity Cup Trophy, a cash prize of $20,000, and the place in the 2025 Ingenuity Cup Space Award competition.

aiScarescrow Technologies


aiScarecrow Technologies is an Agritech startup with the focus of combating pests on cereal farms through eco and environmentally friendly biological intelligence and the internet of things; since we do not harm the birds! This company has two wings of projects i.e pest management which we’ve started with and drone spraying which we hope to venture into as time goes by. For directional purposes on pest management, we decided to start with cereal pest birds on rice, millet, and sorghum farms due to the less intervention in there and the prospects as well and the problems presented to us by farmers during our market research.

After 1-year market research, we can confirm with literature that these cereal farmers lose an average of 15-20% of their seasonal produce to pest birds which is equivalent to $80m per annum. In their own way trying to mitigate this they end up spending 8-10hours on the farm daily during each scaring period. Some resort to the use of their children despite the effect on their education and to others, harmful chemicals a danger to the environment and Public Health. Our client’s daily ordeal is combating pest birds which come in from 5 am to feed till 4pmeach day when the rice is at the booting stage. Farmers end up losing all grains to pest birds if not around or overwhelmed and some grains if manual scarers get tired or lose guard.

Through RnD and market research our solutions have evolved from a bulky stationary sound device to a potable one using distress and predatory calls, a falcon drone bird to hawk kites and a development of humanoid quadcopter weaved with a 3D human head form which we used to enter into this Ingenuity competition.

We entered into this competition with the idea of coming up with a moveable predator which would embody a bird feature, human feature, and AI as we journey along. We came up with what we’ve termed a Ro-Man which is a humanoid quadcopter with a 3D print of a human head woven on it. After several meetings with the Ingenuity Cup team to fine-tune and develop our product, we engaged 40 selected customers and pitched again our idea to them with an open mind this time. We got a lot of feedback on the price, battery lifetime, maintenance, and a fusion of sound.

We came back to our drawing board to first of all infuse sounds which are the human sounds we had earlier mixed with the predatory sound in the stationary sound device. So now, the stationary sound device has only sounds of distress and predatory birds while the Ro-Man has prerecorded sounds of humans; all in the attempt and effort to effectively scare birds of the fields. The advice was sought again on the battery life after our customer engagement and we imported 2 new batteries better than the one we have now with a longer life which should be in Ghana by the end of this week. A lot of research is still ongoing on maintenance and how to incorporate AI and more IoT into the drone as we journey on.

All these solutions have been tried and tested with us having testimonials from farmers at Dawenya irrigation scheme, Weta irrigation scheme, Fysso Gh, Spring Agro, Brazil Agro, and some individual medium-scale farmers to it’s the effect.

HomeBottie powered by Athena Racing

United States of America

Say hello to HomeBottie, the personal robot that you build, program, and customize to your liking! We make the build-it-yourself process fun for children to learn, design and create their own Robotic Personal Assistant. Like the personal computer of the 90’s, HomeBottie is the next step into the future. Children and parents can enjoy bonding during this maker experience while creating an affordable assistant for the household.

Athena Racing’s student think tank team developed this to answer a need that we saw within our own environment. The only student-led team in the competition, our young 12 to 15 year-old female students are in pursuit of STEM-related careers. They invent and develop products and processes that will lead us into the future.

The potential for this product goes beyond the home setting. This is an appliance that transcends locations and use. Fully customizable to fit your needs, HomeBottie is a “technology toy” that teaches. Like the personal computer, HomeBottie will become a household item that shapes the next decade of technology advancement for children, adults and the elderly.

For more information about our team of young geniuses you can visit To pre-order your HomeBottie get your name on the list at!


Hong Kong & South Korea

We are a team of 5 individuals who have a common dream to build a better world by bridging the underlying communication gap between many families.
Farmily will become the “First ever successful family solution that connects the family virtually and ultimately strengthens their bond in reality”. We aim to create a positive lasting impact on every child’s life, so that they may be able to recall this app experience into their childhood memory forever.
Family is better with FARMILY.


United States of America

Kees is building the first-ever problem system for individuals to solve problems for themselves, by themselves, without the help of anything else. Kees team has a background in design, software engineering, AI, and entrepreneurship. Kees has a background living and working in over eight countries, currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Kees hopes to build a future of self-trust in a world full of scattered information.

Semana C+I


We are Semana C+I

We strongly believe that creativity and innovation are the way to shift the future. Children are born creative but this fundamental skill diminishes as we age due to the environment and lack of training, we propose an intelligent platform that evolves as children grow, providing a unique learning ecosystem in which they can interact and learn from creative and innovative people around the world in order to keep up creativity skills during their entire life. We unleash the power of a global Creativity network to develop a lifetime innovation culture.

The Misfits

Singapore & South Africa

We are 3 Singaporeans, 1 Ukrainian and 1 South African that make up The Misfits. We believe disruptive innovation springs from the convergence of diverse, multi-disciplinary experiences, and divergent thoughts, to create the solution that serves humanity.

We are creating the future workplace. We help your enterprise sustain your competitive advantage by providing psychologically and physically safe workplaces for Happy, Healthy, and Resilient workforces in an endemic world.

We are building the product of the future. Workplace burnout causes your workers to exhibit symptoms resulting in consequential accidents, absenteeism, and abuses. Our solution converges Safety, Security and Mental Wellbeing tracking in your enterprise to pre-empt the root causes of workplace burnout in your workers. 

We are AlleVo – a psychometrics-driven, user-centred mobile solution for enterprises to pre-empt workplace burnout.

Pitch Presentations & Award Ceremony | June 22, 2021 @ 7:00 PT | 14:00 GMT | 16:00 CEST | 20:00 HKT

You’re invited! On June 22, 2021, teams will present their innovations to our innovation judging panel and the public. They need your support and votes to win the final prize. The public vote will represent 49.5% of the scores. Join the Award Ceremony so you can participate!