Preparing For Launch

Applications were submitted and interviews completed . . . Teams prepare for launch.

Yesterday, the Ingenuity Cup 2021 welcomed over 60 contestants from 11 teams and 8 different countries on the first day of the BlueCallom Deep Innovation Design Training Course. Over the next week, teams will have daily innovation training sessions that introduce them to techniques that will prepare them for the next 40 days. Some teams have come into the competition with only ideas while others are in the prototype phase but that won’t make a difference when it comes to the final competition on June 22. This competition is designed to challenge the teams to develop their innovative ideas far beyond what they thought possible. The teams that explore all the possibilities will see the most success in evolving their innovation ideas.

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Innovation is . . . 

. . . the introduction of a disruptive elevation in the way people do things, and its successful, global distribution.
It changes how industry segments do business.

Improvement is not Innovation   

For the first discussion, contestants addressed the issue of lack of innovation and what they see as the biggest challenges in the innovation space. Team lead, Felix Duran from SemanaCI said culture played a large factor and is a barrier to innovation in any industry. Irakarama Jean Sauveur from ZEOLF addressed the role of resources and lack of resources that prohibited innovation to flourish. Loxley Browne from Athena Racing noted that the biggest challenge that affects the future of innovation is that children are not taught how to brainstorm or how to fail. Already at a young age, children are not exposed to these techniques so why do we expect them to create innovative ideas later in life when their brains have already developed their way of processing information. Another contestant addressed a common concern and main barrier to open innovation for every type of company or industry, the fear that others will steal their idea. Axel Schultze, CEO of BlueCallom and BlueCallom Deep Innovation Design Instructor, highlighted that people can not steal your ideas, it is too complicated.

Prof. Dr. Matthes Fleck, BlueCallom Innovation Management Academy Director, finished the training session by encouraging contestants to complete a brainstorming session, something that Axel said earlier in the training was the reason so many innovations fail. So why did they ask the contestants to brainstorm ideas on  “What would they like to see on an ideal Innovation Management Dashboard?”  Because our brain tends to be lazy during a brainstorming session and we don’t seek out the difficult answers. It is only when we are in a relaxed environment, for instant cooking dinner or taking a shower, that we experience what we refer to as a “Post Brain Up”. A “Post Brain Up” experience is when you come up with additional thoughts that relate to the original brainstorming session. So those ideas are not lost, contestants will share all Post Brain Up thoughts during the following training days. What do you think the contestants experienced during their Post Brain Ups? Stay Tuned.