Why Should You Participate?

The goal of the Ingenuity Cup is to develop a groundbreaking innovation in 40 days.

  • Each team is supported by an Innovation Coach and provided with complementary training to learn how leading ‘Unicorn’ companies created their ideas.
  • Teams will attend a one-week Deep Innovation Design Bootcamp hosted by BlueCallom.
  • Compete with other inventive, global teams and gain international innovation experience.
  • All participants gain global exposure and attention.
  • On June 22, the winning teams are announced with prizes!
  • All teams will be winners one way or the other.


The winning team will receive:

  • The Ingenuity Cup Trophy
  • A cash prize of a least $20,000
  • A place in the 2025 Ingenuity Cup Space award competition

Top 3 winners:

  • Will be introduced to roughly 600 international investors
  • Will be introduced to our corporate partners for possible collaboration
  • Second and Third place teams will receive a smaller award

Tools & Training

Tools & Training will be provided by BlueCallom, a Neuro Innovation Management Technology Company and the anchor sponsor of this competition, providing the latest Neuro Innovation Management software for free and training, ensuring teams have the same level of understanding in innovation methods and techniques.